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Mike RMike R 

Need Work-flow rule to send an email primary contact on Opportunity

Want to send out followup emails automatically to Opportunity Contacts as part of a trial sequence (Day 1 email template "One", day 3 email template "Two",,,
Andrew DavidsonAndrew Davidson
You will need to create a new lookup field or at minimum an email field to house the contacts email address.  I would imagine after that you could use time based workflow based on Created date or some other date field that you would define.  You might also want to have a field that would allow users to turn this off as need that you build into the criteria of the WFR.  
Caitlin MarshallCaitlin Marshall
You can use a workflow rule to tdo this if you have a lookup field on your opportunity for the primary contact. The field will appear if you select "Related Contact" as the recipient when setting up your email alert. 

It sounds like you want one email to go out one day after creation, and another after 3 days, is that right? You can do this by adding time triggers to your workflow rule that fire one and three days after the creation date. Create an email template and an email alert for each. Create two time triggers and select the appropriate email alert for each one. 
Mike RMike R
Thanks, I wish I could have used Contact Roles, but I figured I needed a contact lookup field.