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Christopher HilbertChristopher Hilbert 

How do I use the Primary Contacts email on an Opportunity in a Workflow

I would like to create a simple workflow for an Opportunity that sends off an email when a particular stage is reached in an Opportunity.  I would like the email to be automatically sent to the email address of the Primary Contact on the Opportunity.

It all seems very straight forward except getting the email address of the primary contact.  The workflow rules don't seem to be able to see the Primary Contact or the Object 'Contact Roles'.  I also considered creating a new Opportunity field and using a formula to simply update the field with the email address of the Primary Contact, but again the 'Contact Roles' object is not accessable to the formula field.

Is there a way to utilize the email address of the Primary Contact?  I would think this would be a common task.

James GarfieldJames Garfield
Hey Christopher,

Got some bad news for you...

Unfortunately you cannot reference the Primay Contact role in a WFR. There is a semi popular idea out there to help *spur* project management teams in the right direction though.

In the past, I've circumvented the issue by creating my own lookup field called 'Primary Contact'. You can then access the email field of the primary contact lookup field that you created via WFR:

User-added image\

If you need help with setting up the look up field let me know and I'd be more than happy to assist!

Best of luck!
Christopher HilbertChristopher Hilbert
Thanks James,

I had a feeling that was going to be the answer.  I can create a Lookup Field, no problem.  Just seems like more work for the sales team, when they have already setup the Contact Role :)

Appreciate the response and suggested workaround!
James GarfieldJames Garfield
Exactly! Training is usually 99% of the battle.

Personally I stay as far away from Contact Roles as possible. They just cloud the decision making process lol.

Glad I could help you out!

Best of luck!