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Tim BridgesTim Bridges 

salesforce for Outlook on a Mac?

I'm running salesforce on my Mac (really good) and now have Outlook 2011 for Mac.
How can I link Outlook to salesforce?

Thanks in advance

Steve EarlySteve Early
Salesforce for Outlook isn't support on Mac, unfortunately. 
Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Check out Maildrop:
Steve EarlySteve Early
Interesting Matthew - thanks.  It appears that it also does email to case ... another missing feature in Salesforce for Outlook as I understand it.
Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
SfO allows you to associate emails to case via the Unresolved Items list (I think?) but it doesn't let you create new case (I'm positive).

Not sure if Maildrop lets you create new ones?
Gary CawleyGary Cawley
Checkout CloudsPlus. You won't be dissappointed!