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Charlie O'ConnorCharlie O'Connor 

Adding a signature to a template when sending mass emails

I'm now using the combination of My Templates and Mass Emails to make my email sending much more efficient. However, there remains one issue with using Templates/Mass Email instead of sending all emails manually. I do not know how to add my full email signature to the template.

I can add the signature in text form to the template without a problem. However, like most companies, we have a visual signature that includes our company logo and unique fonts. I'd like to add my fully-designed signature to mass emails to increase the chances of getting responses. 

Can you explain how I can fix this?
Caitlin QuarryCaitlin Quarry
Have you tried creating the template as an HTML template?  To the best of my knowledge, you should be able to create your signature any way you wish with the HTML version of your template...
Dawn CauseyDawn Causey
You can copy and paste your email signature and logo from Outlook into the HTML template and it will keep the design including fonts.