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Julie MeekerJulie Meeker 

How can you change the record type of an opportunity when the owner is changed?

We have several business lines and when someone changes the Opportunity Owner, it does not change the record type to match the new owners profile.  This creates issues for the new owner.  Is there a way to have it also update the record type to match the new owner's profile?  Through the UI as I am not a programmer.

Thanks in advance for assistance!
Matt GvazdinskasMatt Gvazdinskas
Without knowing much background about your record type setup or user profiles, I would suggest that you consider using a workflow field update to change the Oppty Record Type when the owner is changed.  Depending on how many profiles and record types you have, this will either be a piece of cake or a significant effort (to build and maintain).

Also, as part of lead conversion, you should be aware that the Oppty record type will default to the user's profile default record type.