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Brad WilliamsBrad Williams 

I have to change my password every time I reboot my computer.

Every time I reboot my computer, my most recently used password will not work.
I have to enter that I have forgotten my password.
After receiving the email and answering the question, I choose a new password.
I am starting to run out of passwords I can memorize LOL.
Is there a setting that I might have changed?
Arijit MajeeArijit Majee
Hello Brad,

After reseting password.
it will give you a link and temporary password.
You need to use that link & temporary password to create a new password.
Temporary password is system generated & the link,temporary password will expire with particular time. So you need to create new password with that link & temp password.

The new password not suppose to change. If still it changing,then you need tp contact salesforce customer support.
Aiden MartinAiden Martin
Hi Brad,

Make sure you are using https://login.salesforce.com to access the application.  Being forced to reset your password all the time generally happens if a user has bookmarked the temporary login link used to generate a new password.