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Ken DuceyKen Ducey 

Salesforce for outlook add-in inactive? How can I activate?

Salesforce for outlook is syncing my calendar correctly, I don't use it for contacts.

If I BCC an email using the salesforce email address it files it correctly.

I cannot get the icon to show up in Outlook though. I would like the ability to take certain emails as I am looking at them and file them in Salesforce. I believe I had that ability at one point.

When I go to Outlook's "add-ins" I can see that salesforce for outlook as been put into the inactive area. I am assuming it was disabled for some reason?

I am using Outlook 2010.

Please let me know if there is a solution to this.

Matt BrownMatt Brown
Make sure it is not disabled first in Outlook by going to Help>Disabled Items.
Ken DuceyKen Ducey
in 2010, there are actually 3 status, active, inactive and disabled. It is "inactive" and it says it had some type of COM problem while loading
Matt BrownMatt Brown
I would submit a ticket with Support if it does not allow you to move it to Active.