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Stephanie MicheleStephanie Michele 

How do you create an automatic reminder activity based on a date field?

I plan to import service contract data from old database into salesforce account details. In this data will be a field for renewal dates. As we import all of our company data, I want  auto create a reminder activity for sales people on their accounts that puts a reminder on their activiies one week from renewal date. How do I do this?

Austin NordmanAustin Nordman
If you are using UE or EE you can use WFR. just use a formula to trigger it, renewal_date__c - 7 = TODAY(). Then create an email or task
Stephanie MicheleStephanie Michele
We use PE..anyway to do with that edition?
Dean De-ViellDean De-Viell
Hi Stephanie,

Hmm, being on PE means you are quite limited otherwise Austin's solution would be perfect.

You could use the Excel Connector to mass create a series of tasks related to the new data with a reminder set for a particular date.  This would be somewhat manual process but wouldn't take long to setup in Excel, you'd need to specify the reminder date but I'm sure there is a simple formula in Excel you could apply to the list and would then just be a case of uploading the data

Easier than creating a task and reminder on each record one by one but maybe someone else has a better solution.