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Kris DuckworthKris Duckworth 

Hover issues with IE9

I have a couple of users claiming that the ability to hover over certain menu's no longer works, or only works 70% of the time. Anyone else having this issue?

Doubt this is the correct place for my question, but cannot find a starting point.
Javier GonzalezJavier Gonzalez
Right now, there are many issues with IE9. 

Here's an older post by MarkPass...

I have not heard anything yet about official support for IE9. I would assume in an upcoming release, or when the IE9 ideas get enough votes:
Tony KayyaliTony Kayyali
Been using IE9 since it was in beta and have not experienced any issues!

Melinda MichaelisMelinda Michaelis
It happened with me as well. The Help Text hover would not work. IT did not make any adjustments to our system, but all are working today after Summer '12 release. Unfortunately, Chatter Messenger is not working in either IE8 or 9, but works beautifully in Chrome and Safari.
Tony KayyaliTony Kayyali

@Melinda The workaround is to set the compatibility setting in IE9/8. This should resolved the issue

In IE, go to TOOLS > COMPATIBILITY VIEW SETTINGS > Enable 'Display all websites in Compatibility View'

Hope this helps