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Sara Anderson-MartinezSara Anderson-Martinez 

Lead Conversion Field Mapping

I have two questions about Lead Field Mapping when a lead is converted to an Opportunity, Contact, and Account:

1. Opportunity Stage when converted is automatically populated with Closed/ Won and my organization would prefer that it be changed to New when a lead is converted to an opportunity.  Is there a way to change this?

2.  We would like some lead fields to map to more than one location upon conversion.  Is this possible and how do we do it?  For example, we have a custom field called Industry that we would like to map to the custom Industry field on Opportunity, Contact, AND Account, and currently it only maps to one of those.

Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Hi Sara,

1) This is controlled by your Sales Process, go to Setup > Customize > Opportunities > Lead Processes, then assign the available picklist values over to that process. These values control what the available values are for Stage

2) That's not possible at the moment to my knowledge, fields are mapped one to one. One workaround (if you're on Enterprise or Unlimited) would be to create two additional fields on Leads, and use a workflow rule to always update those fields with whatever value is in the main Industry field you mentioned. Then you'll have three fields with the same value, and you can map one to Opportunity, one to Contact, and one to Account.