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Salesforce JAVA API throwing exception "Read timed out"


We have integrated with Salesforce using JAVA API Version 9.0 ( and it has been working well for a while.

Today, we are getting following exceptions when connecting to Salesforce using JAVA (Soap) API:

nested exception is: Read timed out

It is working fine with some accounts and throwing exception for others.

Anyone else facing the same problem? Please guide.

Thank you in advance for your help.
Charan VuyyuruCharan Vuyyuru

We too faced the same issue today.

We are making an outbound message and it is making a timed out Error.

Need to dig about it. Let you know when I get something.


Test FSTest FS
Investigating further, we found that Salesforce has been very slow in response

SoapBindingStub.describeSObjects() is taking a long time to return (around a minute)

Thomas PaschkeThomas Paschke
We have integrated with Salesforce using JAVA API Version 19.0 and our getting the same errors going against Test.  I noticed in my log files that it started on occasion at least as far back as 12/5/12 but it seems to be much worse today.  Some messages will feed, we'll connect and process and others simply are stuck on our queue waiting to connect.
Abeer QureshiAbeer Qureshi
We have also started getting weird timeouts randomly for callouts being made from salesforce to thirdparty web services.
Wajiha SartajWajiha Sartaj
Can anyone know what th problem because I am also facing this issue for some records?

Please help me if anyone know the answer