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Massimiliano ScorpioMassimiliano Scorpio 

Sending recurring email to a lead


Is there any chanche to send automatically a recurring email to a lead?

Let's say I want to send an email to a lead who downloaded a software trial, scheduling it after 1, 2 or 3 weeks from download. 
I found the task scheduled in my activity side, but I have to send the mail directly.

Can this be automated, so I receive only an alert from salesforce that the mail has been sent?

Thanks to anyone.

Shell BlackShell Black
If you are trying to do a marketing "drip" email campaign you can do this to a degree with Workflow (assuming you have Enterprise Edition).

For example, if the Lead is in a certain status (workflow entry criteria) you can have a Time Delayed Workflow action to fire off an email and log a completed task on the Lead (so you can see that the email fired) at pretty much any hourly or daily interval - day 7, day 14, day 21, etc....

The limitation is that you can't have it fire forever and ever (it won't "loop"), and honestly if you do want it to do this you should be looking at more advanced email marketing tools that have "rules" based marketing logic like those offered by Marketo or Eloqua:

Hope that helps!