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Cate BachCate Bach 

Non-profit edition of

I signed up for Salesforce Group Edition for my non-profit organization.  I understand there is a non-profit edition of Salesfoce.  I would like use this package to make the transition easier with a setup for a non-profit.  We are NOT a 501c3.  We are a 501c4.  
Brad GrossBrad Gross
You need to have this conversation with your rep.  They need to provision you for it. There may also be some paperwork you need to deal with. 
Brad GrossBrad Gross
Sorry forgot to add. You may have to start over with a brand new version of salesforce so if you JUST signed up for salesforce I would stop adding data or customizing until you finish your convo with
Cate BachCate Bach
Thank you, ImpStout.  I called Salesforce's technical support and they told me to email my request.  She said they could not be reached via telephone.  I will contact my inital sales rep.

Thank you again.
Tal FrankfurtTal Frankfurt
 Hi Cate,

You need to apply for the prodcut donation on the Salesforce Foundation's website at

Alicia SchmidtAlicia Schmidt

 Unfortunately, 501 (c)4 orgs are not eligible for the Salesforce Foundation's donation and discount program. However, the Nonprofit Starter Pack(NPSP) is a managed package that is available for free on the AppExchange. If you switch to Enterprise Edition licenses, you could download and install the NPSP on top of your Enterprise Edition licenses.