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Melissa CorreiaMelissa Correia 

How Can I activate the chat function in my Salesaforce.

Do I have to install an application? Which is the best?
I want to work my cases with this chat app.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
 If you have Admin Permission you can enable it using these steps:  

  1. Click Your Name | Setup | Customize | Chatter | Settings.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Select Enable. Deselect to disable Chatter.
  4. Optionally select Allow Emails so users can choose to receive email notifications about Chatter updates.
  5. Select Allow Invitations to let users invite people to join Chatter for your company.

    Invited users have access to Chatter people, profiles, groups, and files but can’t see record data unless they have a license.

    Portal users cannot send invitations.

    A user has up to 60 days to accept an invitation to join Chatter. If during that time, an administrator deselects Allow Invitations or removes the user's domain from the list, the user won't be able to accept the invitation.

  6. Enter email domains to define who can join Chatter for your organization. The domains you enter should include those used in email addresses for your company, such as
    We recommend that you don't enter any public email domains such as,, or If invited, anyone with an email address in these domains can join and see user profiles, feeds, and Chatter groups.
  7. Click Save.
Consider the following tips for enabling Chatter:
  • Enabling Chatter also enables the new user interface theme, which updates the look and feel of
  • Enabling Chatter also enables Global Search, which allows you to search across, including Chatter feeds, files, groups, and people.
  • When Chatter is enabled for organizations with 15 or fewer users, all users automatically follow each other.
  • After enabling Chatter for your organization, you can also enable Chatter Mobile for supported mobile devices.

Melissa CorreiaMelissa Correia
I am wondering what are the best chat app for adding to an org to solve cases?
Do you know, when a client and an agent talk on a chat appp and this conversation is attach it to the case...
Steve MolisSteve Molis
 Okay that wasn't really clear from your post.  I would check out the AppExchange for Third-Party Chat-SFDC Solutions.  ->
Melissa CorreiaMelissa Correia
There is not a native App? Some app that come with salesforce? I have to install it from trhe app exchange? I look for an App and all of them were not for free!
Diana LustenaderDiana Lustenader
Looks like they now offer Chat in thier Service Cloud offering.  Not sure if it is free or extra.  I'm getting a demo soon.  Seems to only support Cases.  We need it to integrate with Leads too.  But worth a look.