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Matt FickMatt Fick 

can anyone tell me how to customize the meeting request email

I want to change the meeting request template, but can't seem to find...
Ashish YadavAshish Yadav

I believe you can edit that by going to Administrator setup -- Communication templates -- Email templatees-   there is a follow up meeting template ....

I havent done editing ever but I beleive it works for you,

Matt FickMatt Fick
thanks, that is for a meeting follow up, I am looking for the template of the email that is sent for a meeting request...
Angela CrosierAngela Crosier
I don't think that is something you can do through the standard User Interface.  You would have to replace it with custom functionality.
hikiran rajuhikiran raju
Hi Angela,
Can you please elaborate your answer..? So that it will be helpfull for me to over come the issue.