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John AdamsJohn Adams 

Reporting The Number Of Activities Per Account


I would like to generate a report that displays how many times each of my Accounts has been called, emailed and generally contacted.

I would ideally like to export a table to Excel with columns that displays Contacts, Number of Calls, Number of Emails, and any other Activity description for a given date range. The table would be simply numberic and not display any of the details of the calls, etc. or which Contacts were contacted.

This way I have a spreadsheet I can go to and see that, in the last "X" months, "Company Y" has been called "Z" times, personally emailed "A" times and received "B" mass marketing.

Is such a report possible? If so, how would I go about creating it?

Thank you for your help and please ask me for further clarification if needed.

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Aiden MartinAiden Martin
First, I'm assuming that the Activity type field contains the info you need to indicate if an activity was a Call, Email, etc.

Create your activity report, include Account Name, Activity Type, Date. Filter as necessary.
I would use the Connect for Office Excel addin to import the report directly into Excel.
Create a Pivot Table from your report.
Drop Account Name in the Row Section
Drop Activity Type in the Columns section
Drop Account Name in the Data/Values section.  It should automatically do a record count.

You can also do the same as a salesforce matrix report.