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Leslie McDonaldLeslie McDonald 

Campaign setup for Non-profit Events with multiple marketing

I'm very new to SalesForce and confused about how to setup Campaigns for my non-profit organization.  We frequently run Seminars and workshops which I assume would be setup as a Campaign, possibly with a Parent Campaign for Seminars and Child Campaigns for the Seminars scheduled for each date/location.  What if we do different marketing campaigns for a specific Seminar?  Normally wouldn't there be campaigns setup for an email blast for the Seminar, and another for a print ad for the Seminar?  How do the marketing campaigns fit together with the event campaign? Thanks for any help you can give!
Tal FrankfurtTal Frankfurt
 Hi, you can use parent campaigns to create campaign hierarchies
Also, we built a solution to manage nonprofit workshops, I would be happy to give you a demo.