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Gary KosmanGary Kosman 

Chatter access through Customer Portal?

What are the steps we need to take to make Chatter available via our Customer Portal?

Matt BrownMatt Brown
Sorry you cannot access Chatter via the Customer Portal. Chatter, at this present time, is an internal application only. Stay tuned for future releases where this functionality may be added.
Deepa PatelDeepa Patel
I have a client who wants this. Can we please promote this so that this functionality can be added?
David LindauDavid Lindau
Please make a firm announcement as to when Chatter will be available via Customer Portal. We really need it asap!
Christopher JohnsonChristopher Johnson
Currently available steps to enable this start with: 

Step 1: Vote for this Idea:

Step 2: Invite everyone at your org and that you know to vote for that idea :)