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Alan CrosleyAlan Crosley 

'Send Email' from the Opportunity Level does not pull Contact.

I get the following usability complaint frequently.  "When I send an email from the Opportunity level, (Activity History>Send an Email), it doesn't populate the contact field." 

It sounds like a small complaint, but for our sales guys it's annoying and inconsistent, (as compared to sending an email from the lead level).  Can anyone suggest a method that would allow me to pull the user in the Primary Contact Role into the 'To' field when sending an email?

Thanks for suggestions in advance!

Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
The functionality makes sense to a degree, given there could be n-many contacts on an Opportunity, or even multiple Primary contacts (depending on how you have your roles set up). And be careful... what if they want to send an email to one of the other contacts on the opp?

I would tackle this by creating a custom button to override the existing 'Send an Email' button. That button will forward to a Visualforce page that will retrieve the list of Contacts for the current Opportunity, then present them to the user and get them to select which one gets the email. From there, take all that data and pass it over to the existing email page by hacking the email page URL (great writeup here: