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Hi Developers!

 I would like to appear for the DEV-401 and study material i decided to review is itune podcast and fundamental pdf. Is it enough or some other things required to pass this exam.

Juan Manuel GarridoJuan Manuel Garrido

The Workbook

The Workbook is a series of 10 short tutorials that show you how to use the platform to build your own on-demand applications. Each tutorial is designed to expose you to a different aspect of the platform, ranging from storing your data to adding formulas, workflow, business logic, user interfaces, and creating a public Web site.
Development Lifecycle Guide
Developing applications on the platform is easy, straightforward, and highly productive. A developer can define application components such as custom objects and fields, workflow rules, Visualforce pages, and Apex classes and triggers using the point-and-click tools of the Web interface. Simple changes can be implemented immediately without affecting other users in the production organization. More complex features can be left in development status until they have been fully tested, and then can be deployed so that everyone in the production organization may benefit.

Juan Manuel GarridoJuan Manuel Garrido Fundamentals Book Fundamentals is an introduction to the platform, designed to lead the reader through the functionality provided natively by the platform. The book walks the reader through the creation of a standard recruiting application. Fundamentals is aimed at administrators and programmers looking to learn about the capabilities of the platform. Your application grows in robustness and flexiblity as you work through the examples in Fundamentals.
The book covers designing and creating objects, modifying the appearance of the standard interface, the security scheme, reporting on your data and using workflows and approvals.
Juan Manuel GarridoJuan Manuel Garrido
In Spanish:

Para aquellos desarrolladores en Español, en nuestra wiki estamos compilando recursos de capacitación
dhairya brahmbhattdhairya brahmbhatt
Thanks for all valuable suggestions. Dhairya On Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 8:01 AM, Comment Reply <> wrote: >
dhairya brahmbhattdhairya brahmbhatt
Thanks for all valuable inputs. Dhairya On Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 7:58 AM, Comment Reply <> wrote: >
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Please let me know what other courses we would need apart from the fundamenta pdf which is 356 pages
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Let me know once you have the answer for your questions. I am also looking at taking 401




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 You can also find more Information form yhis site.

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Hi ,

   I created a blog for DEV 401 & DEV 501 QUESTIONS and ANSWERS ...