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Kelly McCartyKelly McCarty 

Customizing Opportunities Page Layout and Record Types

I'm working with Sales Force for Non-Profits. I'm running into a couple of problems, that I'm sure is my fault, but I'm not sure how to fix them:

I want to change the information that is necessary for the page layout for Opportunities so that each of my record types in Opportunities is customized to how we have been managing information in a non-digital process.

When I go first to Page Layouts, I edit a layout already there, I make my edits and click save.  When I then go to Opportunities and add a new opportunity, what I have deleted is no longer on the form, but anything I have added is not there.

Secondly, then I am trying to assign certain layouts to certain record types.  When I go to edit, I click, again, on one already there, click edit, change the page layout assigned to that record type, and click save.  I then go into Opportunities, and there is no change.  It's still at the previous page layout.

What exactly am I doing wrong?
Steve MolisSteve Molis
There are 2 Levels to Page layout Assignment in SFDC.  
Page Layout -> User Profile
Page Layout -> Record Type
also, at the Field level there are individual settings that control whether the Field is Visible, Read-Only, Editable, Required for each User Profile.