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Michelle ConnellMichelle Connell 

Importing Quickbooks Data

Hi, I'm looking for a way to import financial data from Quickbooks into Salesforce so that we can create dashboards off of it.  Anyone know of a way to do this??  I've tried the help topics in Salesforce but nothing references finanical data import.

Jason AtwoodJason Atwood
Besides exporting into Excel and importing with the import/data tool there are some apps on the App Exchange that might help.


bn kumarbn kumar
We have a custom app which will import data from salesforce to quickbooks and i can certainly show you a demo on it. I would appreciate if you could answer some questions for me.
1. What data like opportunities, orders etc are you planning to import to quickbooks?
2. Are you currently using quickbooks now and if so how are you syncing up your customers in quickbooks and salesforce? I am sure you are doing a double data entry at this point.
3. Our solution is a desktop solution which would sync up salesforce customers, orders(opportunuities) to quickbooks customers, invoices automatically.
 Please email me directly at for more details.