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Lloyd SilverLloyd Silver 

Checking API Usage

How can I check API usage and what applications are making the calls?
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Joshua PyleJoshua Pyle

@Kirill, put this URL in for your instance.  It's how I found the API report.

Replace the na1 with your instance.  Below is the same url without the


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Mark PassovoyMark Passovoy
You can see the amount of API calls under Company Info inside Company profile.

Not sure if there is a place that will tell you where all of the API calls are going, but Login History under Manage Users will get close I think.
Lloyd SilverLloyd Silver
Thanks. i can at least tell that I'm getting a ton of API calls from an application called Expresiv. I have no clue what that is however. I'm sure it's something I installed but none of my applications are called that or are from a company named Expresiv.
John HannaJohn Hanna
Check out UsageTracker By FunnelSource. 

you can track all of your apps and users
Philip MossopPhilip Mossop
Did you ever figure out what this was. One of our users has the same but we don't know what it is
Marina MartinMarina Martin
Click the Reports tab and view the "API Usage Last 7 Days" report under the Administrative Reports folder. This will show you how many calls each app/person made in the last 7 days.
Kirill KniazevKirill Kniazev
Hi Marina. I am not able to find an "API Usage Last 7 Days" report in my Admin Reports folder. Is there a way I can create this?
Terence LoTerence Lo
Kirill, did you receive an answer to your question?  I can't find this report either.
Kirill KniazevKirill Kniazev
Hi Terence. Unfortunately, I have still not been able to figure this out. I worked with support on this for several days and they said the report is available but I still can't see it and haven't gotten any follow up response. Fortunately, I was able to get a temporary increase in API calls which allowed me to work through the temporary issue I was facing. Good luck and let me know if you figure it out, please.
Samantha BrackleySamantha Brackley
The report is not visible when performing a search using report finder. You need to navigate to the Administrative Reports folder, you should find it there.
Kirill KniazevKirill Kniazev
That's the problem. It's not in the Administrative Reports folder. These are the only subfolders visible in the Administrative Reports folder: All Active Users, Users Logged in This Week, Documents and All Pending Approval Requests.
Samantha BrackleySamantha Brackley
Hmm, that's got me! I assume you have a standard System Admin profile? What edition are you using?
Joshua PyleJoshua Pyle

@Kirill, put this URL in for your instance.  It's how I found the API report.

Replace the na1 with your instance.  Below is the same url without the


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Kirill KniazevKirill Kniazev

@Samantha Yes, I am a Sys Admin rights user.

@Joshua Thanks. Still not able to see it. Getting a message saying I have insufficient rights, even though I have System Admin rights.

Gopinath KaredlaGopinath Karedla
@Joshua, thanks for the link. 
Jonathan RoweJonathan Rowe

Expresiv = EchoSign
Parag SevraParag Sevra
Link for "API Usage last 7 days" report: (replace the instance na12 with your instance) 

Also check API call limits and Reporting (FAQ):
Amalie Van KennenAmalie Van Kennen
None of these answers are helpful. They do not tell us how to break down the usage per application. The report only breaks down by user and the app does not exist anymore.
Parag SevraParag Sevra

You may check the below links which might prove helpful:

Breakdown API Usage (Idea - Delivered):

With the Winter '15 release, you can now use Event Log Files to understand organizational trends using the API, REST API, Bulk API, and MdAPI log file types.

See the release notes for more information: 
Use Event Monitoring to Understand Organization Trends (Generally Available):

Parag Sevra
Mark GuildayMark Guilday

Thanks Joshua for the link. I'm not sure why some others are saying it didn't work but this worked beatifully for me. SFDC AE was stumped and we were about to buy more API calls but found out one of our users turned on a 3rd party app we had shit down months ago and didn't know how to setup the filters right... The report helps a lot and will at least point you to the user and you can ask what they did in SFDC on XXX day.

***edit: whoops called you justin in my previous comment, that's my AE***
IT DeptIT Dept
Thanks Joshua! Report link works like a dream!
Paula DrewiczPaula Drewicz
Perfect, Thanks Joshua. works for me!
Allyson MillerAllyson Miller
For those unable to see the report via the link: The link only works for me in Classic--not Lightning. 
Jyothieswar YeturuJyothieswar Yeturu
For API calls report, follow below steps. 

1) Goto Setup --> Click on Reports tab.
2) There will be a search box (Find reports and dashboards) and search for "API Calls Made Within Last 7 Days"
3) You can find details of calls of each day for last 7 days.

NOTE: You should be a system administrator or equal profile.

Pierre DesjardinsPierre Desjardins
Does anyone know why the Administrative Reports folder can only be found in SF Classic?
I thought I was losing my mind!
Suraj DemgundeSuraj Demgunde
how to check API calls (count) of object in org