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Robert HernandezRobert Hernandez 

Importing Products

We have a .csv file of our product name, price, description and (3) other fields of a discounted percentage ie 10%, 15%, 25%.  Can we import this file as a product catalog inorder to create different pricebooks with separate percentages as a different pricebook?  I downloaded the Data  Loader software, but was unable to launch it.  We are in the process of purchasing Salesforce, so maybe that is the reason. 
Andres GluecksmannAndres Gluecksmann
Yup. You'll need create a Pricebook in salesforce first. Then you load Products. Then you load Price Book entries which tie Products to Pricebooks with the specified list price you want. Pretty easy but you won't be able to just load it all at once via single .csv.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
 Oh yeah, the DataLoader doesn't work without a Salesforce license.
Vivian AuVivian Au
hey, you can use the Informatica Cloud Data Loader for your excel to salesforce data loading needs.