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Steve Del BalzoSteve Del Balzo 

Default View for a tab

The Account tab starts with a view of recently viewed accounts and a list of reports and tools. I want the default tab setting to show the "All Accounts" list instead.

I can press GO to bring up a view of All accounts. How do I make this view the default?
Nathan SpiwakNathan Spiwak
I think this is what you are looking for

I haven't actually tried it yet, but I want the same thing (except for a custom tab).  Check it out and let me know if it works. 
Bo ThompsonBo Thompson
What I normally do is create a visualforce page with a simple redirect action. Looks like this.

<apex:page tabStyle="Account" action="/001?fcf=00B50000006iAPw" >
Then I override the tab with that visualforce page. It doesn't give you all the other links to the standard tools, Reports, Summary, etc. that you normally get on the tab view, but it is helpful to not be forced to see the Recently Viewed standard tab page.
The Action is the end of the url when you are viewing a custom list view. You can change the ID for whatever list view you want to default to. Find the ID by editing the list view and looking for it in the URL. If you need to default to "Recently Viewed" list view you'll need to find the id in the developer tools for your browser.
John FigueroaJohn Figueroa
I am actually trying to add the :Reports and Tools to the List view.  How do I do that?