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Zack SchultzZack Schultz 

Get around multi-select picklist size limit in Visualforce (765 characters)

I have a multi-select picklist field in salesforce with a large number of long options.  I am trying to reveal that field through a visualforce page (well, technically, through sites).  If I try to select all of the options from the picklist, I get the following error:

"Error: Value cannot exceed 765 characters"

The code used to create the field is very simple:

<apex:inputField value="{!formData.myPickList__c}" id="myPicklist" styleClass="multiSelectOption" />

When selecting all of the options through the Salesforce UI, there is absolutely no issue.  I checked and the full value of the multi-select picklist (with all options selected) is roughly 800 characters.  I am wondering if there is some way to get the normal behavior through visualforce, thus allowing this picklist to work in visualforce and not just in the normal UI

Thanks in advance for any help!
Matt BrownMatt Brown
You might find posting this on the Visualforce Developer Discussion Board a better option for an answer.