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Lucy LiLucy Li 

How to display record count in percentage in report?

Is there anyone can tell me how to show report result in percentage format?
For instance, in calendar event matrix report, specify row heading subtotal by owner, column heading subtotal by type, to calculate record count. Is it possible to show result in percentage format?

What I can get now is like:
                Type 1   Type 2    Type 3   Total
User1     3             2              0              5
User2      2            0              3              5
Total        5             2              3             10

What I want is like:
                Type 1   Type 2    Type 3   Total
User1     30%         20%          0             50%
User2      20%          0            30%         50%
Total        50%         20%        30%        100%   

Please advise with any ideas, thank you.       
Chuankai ZhouChuankai Zhou
Create custom summary field in step 3

"Step 3: Select the information to summarize",


It can show the report like this, but cannot show on total row/column:

User-added image

Lucy LiLucy Li
Works excellent! Thank you so much!
Leonard SilonLeonard Silon
 I can not get the below to work for me. the Full_Name field is the issue. I am trying to use this on an activity report. Mine is based on created by field. What can I use here?
Leonard SilonLeonard Silon
 Left side is created by: role: name and then by created by: full name
across top is a custom field - how can this formula work for me?