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Brenton JayatilakaBrenton Jayatilaka 

Exporting contact info FROM Salesforce

 I'd like to know if it's possible to extract important contact information from Leads into my Outlook Contacts.

Is this possible?
David CardozaDavid Cardoza
Hi Brenton,

Definitely.  you can either run a report on your contacts with the info you'll need like name, email, phone, etc
and export your report from the results page in salesforce. Export as a CSV file.
Outlook has a mechanism to import Contacts from various sources including CSV files.

Or, install the Salesforce Outlook Connector. Once installed you can set your "sync settings" to pull contacts from salesforce into your Outlook Contact folder.

Should you go with option 2 (which is better long term) If you run into specific questions on the Outlook setup you can post them under the Answers Category of  "Desktop Client Integration"  and I'm sure one of the many experts that view that Category will be able to answer anything you have.

Hope this is helpful,