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Martin JobMartin Job 

how to add the custom field to the page layout

I am new to salesforce. Can anybody tell me how to add the custom field to the page layout.

Thanks in advance
Miguel GuerreiroMiguel Guerreiro
If you already created the custom field go to setup -> customize -> cases -> page layouts and add it to the desired page layout.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
To create a custom field follow these steps:

To add your custom field to a Page Layout follow Miguel's instructions above.
Kathy PinkKathy Pink
one ohter tip, make sure you save the page layout after adding the field.  IF you close it without saving you do not get a warning.
Generally you only do that once and never again!
Nina BoatmanNina Boatman
I have the same question actually. I have a field that is part of the Payment group called group called "Sample Check/Reference Number".  It doesn't show up in the module of Dataloader so I have no way of adding a check number or Transaction ID to my donation insert.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Steve MolisSteve Molis
Nina did you create the custom field?  Which object is it on?