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Theodore BanksTheodore Banks 

Law Firm Implementation

Does anyone know of a successful implementation of at a law firm?  Any consultants who have experience in this area?  I'm struggling.

Ted Banks
Jeff HemmingJeff Hemming
Hi Ted, not sure of the etiquette but you've asked about experience.  I've worked with SFDC since 2001 and have been a certified implementer since 2004.  Also, have nine years implementing CRM in law firms.  You may contact me, Jeff Hemming, at 416.890.0044 if interested in discussing further. 
Erica KuhlErica Kuhl
 Sounds like Jeff has a great deal of experience - but here are some other options to get help:

Salesforce Professional Network - LinkedIn Jobs

Salesforce Consulting Services

AppExchange Service Providers
Elise DongieuxElise Dongieux
Good afternoon,

Your firm recently posted a need for a implementaion.  Our firm offers contract and service-level work to Fortune 100 clients across the United States, including Wells Fargo and Credit Suisse, for custom applications.  Rather than hire a full time employee with the resultant overhead, we can help you design and implement your projects more efficiently.

I would like to speak directly with the group in need of development and implementation services in order to directly determine the best way we can fulfill your goals.  I am available the first of the new year for a conference call, just let me know what blocks of time are available on your end and I will arrange it.

Elise Dongieux
Fulcrum Collaborations
M: 804.363.4448
O: 804.318.4567
Scott SheffronScott Sheffron
Ted, any luck?  Please share any information you may have learned.  Thank you so much.

Erica,  my law firm has been a Salesforce client for several years and I must admit I have spent hours researching and sending emails on the App exchange, consulting services, and professional network.  I have found no help or resources regarding applications suitable for a"small" law office.  I hired a free-lance programmer to create an application utilizing Salesforce existing platforms.  Unfortunately we are not very satisfied with the end result.  The situation at our office is so serious we have discussed discontinuing Salesforce and looking for another CRM platform.
Erica KuhlErica Kuhl
Scott, that is unfortunately to say the least.  I have great connections to some implementation partners that focus on small business.  If you are interested, I'm more than happy to pass your name along.  You can give me a synopsis of what needs to be done (or undone) and we can go from there.  I certainly don't want you to leave our "family"!

Don PhilbinDon Philbin
Anyone have any luck finding implementation help for small firm? Still no legal vertical group. Need periodic help a la carte. Does data export to legal CRM solution? Thanks.
Hari JellaHari Jella
Hi Don,
We have expericenc in Legal CRM solution , we are working with 
Please reach me@ with your requiremetns. 
Elgelyn BoniaoElgelyn Boniao
Hope this could help to all our respective needs for the firm. See
Brett SBrett S
I'm in the same boat as you... trying to implement SFDC for a non-profit legal aid organization.

Seems like most of the replies here are sales pitches from vendors rather than experiences from actual admins.  Anyone not trying to sell anything have experiences to share?
Guy PhillipsGuy Phillips
I represent a specialist provider of based Client Lifecycle Management for law firms, we have approximately 50 medium to large law firms around the globe using the product. It is called OnePlace, contact me at ( for more information if this is of interest.
Kristine LeckieKristine Leckie
I am with a small law firm trying to implement SF but I am new to the platform.  It seems like it should be perfect but I just need to bounce some ideas off of others that have done this before.  I am not interested in wasting my time creating field to just go back and recreate it all because I put them on the wrong tab.  Anyone willing to talk??
Dov SlanskyDov Slansky
If you haven't checked Litify out you should - we are native to SFDC (and native to Lightning too!) and are built exclusively for law firms. Message me for more info and visit us at