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Lauren PadgettLauren Padgett 

Volunteer Management and Tracking

I work for a small nonprofit that greatly relies on the help of volunteers. It is important that we track these volunteers, their contact information, the projects they've worked on, the hours they've worked, etc. How can SalesForce help me with volunteer management?


Garry PolmateerGarry Polmateer
Salesforce can help in a number of ways.  My first recommendation would be to engage with the Foundation to see if you qualify for the product donation.  If you do, they have some great getting started resources available to help with understanding the nonprofit platform.

Then, take a look at some of these pre-packaged applications to help manage volunteers (most are free) and see if one of them fits the criteria or comes close.  Here's a link to review them:

I hope this is a good start, take care! - Garry
Tal FrankfurtTal Frankfurt
I would be happy to talk with you about your needs and to give you a demo of solutions we developed for volunteer management. Please do not hesitate to contact me at Tal (at) cloud4good (dot) com.


Geraldine GrayGeraldine Gray

I did several projects for Exponent Partners where we tackled this situation exactly. I suggest you give them a call as they only work with non-profits and are great as they believe in what they do. (Yeah, OK, or you could come to me ;-) ). Honestly, you should work with a company who only works with nonprofits as they just get it; even though I have moved on from Exponent Partners I highly recommend them for nonprofit projects.

Here is a link to the Dreamforce 2009 youtube videos for nonprofits which has real people talking about real experiences and is very useful:

Also,  get in touch with the Salesforce Foundation and you can register for free consulting advice/ implementations as part of Dreamforce '10 so you could end up with one of us volunteering to set it up for you.

Good luck
Eric MagnusonEric Magnuson
My organization, Groundwire, received funding from Salesforce Foundation to build a volunteer management app for nonprofits. We're planning to make this app available for free on Appexchange in early 2011. If you are interested in being notified when it becomes available please drop me an email at
Alexandra KesmanAlexandra Kesman