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Diana LustenaderDiana Lustenader 

How do you track RFPs?

How does your company manage and track RFPs?  My company would like to know how many RFPs are in play at any given time.  Also it would be nice to know when an RFP is submited, when it is followed up on and when it is completed.  This all needs to be reported on.

I was thinking custom fields on the Opportunity but could I also use Activities or should we use a Campaign?
Steve MolisSteve Molis
"Back in the Day" We used to track them with a couple of custom fields to the Account and Opportunity object (RFP Submitted Date, RFP Due Date, RFP Status, etc).  

But we needed something a little more robust, and we also needed to track RFPs that never lead to an Opportunity.  So I created a custom RFP Tracking App on our   It's a custom object that is a child of the Account Object.  If the RFP does lead to an Opportunity, or multiple Opportunities they can also be connected to the RFP, also Internal Resources (Sales Support, Technical Consultants, etc) can be connected to the RFP as well.  
Off of this I've built a suite of Reports and Dashboards that are scheduled and emailed to our Executive Team. and Sales Support Team.  
I've also enabled Chatter Feeds for the RFP Tracking App in Summer '10.  

Steve MolisSteve Molis
Oh yeah, I almost forgot. 
There's one thing you have to be very mindful of when you're thinking of leveraging the Activity object for anything like this.  Activity records are automatically Archived by Salesforce after 365 days ->

So if you ever need (or think you might want) to run a report that compares Current FY RFPs to NN Year RFPs, then using a customized Activity record won't work for you. 

Diana LustenaderDiana Lustenader
Thanks SteveMo,

Any way you could share this app with me?  diana (at) clearwellsystems (dot) com
Steve MolisSteve Molis
Hi Diana,
I think I still have my original Proof of Concept version kicking around on my somewhere.  Lemme dust it off, I should be able to package it up for you to install on your or Sandbox if you want to kick the tires.
Kevin RichardsonKevin Richardson
SteveMo, I would also be interested in seeing this proof of concept package if you're willing to share.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
Tweet me or email me via LinkedIn, and I'll send you a link and password to download the package from my
Diana LustenaderDiana Lustenader
Steve - you should consider posting this on the app exchange.  I'd give it 5 stars.
Leroy ShisslerLeroy Shissler
Steve, love to get my hands on this as well, just came up in teh orgnaization.  I however don't tweet and don;t have linkedin inmail.  I will try to connect through 3rd party connections on Linkedin
Allen BlazAllen Blaz
Hi Steve,

I'm just getting in the RFP/SF integration game for my company and would love to look at this app.  I can't seem to get to your Twitter account nor do I have InMail.  Please let me know the best way to see this app is.  Thanks!
Steve MolisSteve Molis
I have links on my Community Profile to my Twitter Account @SFDC_SteveMo and my LinkedIn page