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Terry SleightTerry Sleight 

Custom Object Partner Related List

Can anyone help.

We as a business have two types of Opportunity, unfortunately with very different field requirements. Rather than clog up the Opportunities page with all these fields we have created a custom object duplicating Opportunities with the additional fields.

The standard Opportunities page has an additional Partners related list allowing us to track the Distriutor it is partnered with. How do I duplicate this related list in the custom object so that when I view the Distributors record card I can see all the end users partnered through the two Opportunity types.

Any help gratefully received.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
 Which Edition of SFDC are you using?  If you are on EE, UE, or DE you would be much better off using Record Types and Page Layouts rather than creating a custom object.  
If you're not on EE, UE, or DE then the custom object is probably your only option.  In that case you're going to have to create another custom object that will replicate the functionality of the Partner Role object and allow you to connect your custom Opportunity to "Partner" Accounts. 

Let me know if you have any questions.
Terry SleightTerry Sleight
Thanks for the reply.
We are using Professional, so I have used the Account Lookup function (field) twice in the customer object, one named Account the other End User.
Whilst there is no related list in the custom object both these appear on my acccounts record cards, once on the standard account record card and once on a enduser record card (also a custom object).

Perhaps not the tidiest way but the users are happy with the outcome.