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Teresa DozierTeresa Dozier 

Need to report on the # of contact roles associated with each opportunity??

I need to create a report that shows all Closed Won opportunities, and how many of those have more than one contact role listed on the opportunity vs. those that only have 1 contact role on the opportunity. I can't create a roll-up summary count of contact roles on an opportunity, because contact roles do not have a master-detail relationship with opportunities.  I also can't seem to make any sort of formula field to do this.  Anyone have an idea of how I can accomplish this?  THANKS!  Teresa
Chuankai ZhouChuankai Zhou
Create a custom formula field(number) in contact, and set its value to 1: # of contact

in your report, group by opportunity name, and sum "# of contact'.

That is it.
Teresa DozierTeresa Dozier
Thanks so much!  I'll try this out - sounds simple