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Perry StuppPerry Stupp 

How do I enter a discount in a quote?

I see a discount field in the quote but can't seem to get it display a value.  Ideally, I'd like to be able to enter the discount amount when entering the product items but it isn't there.  Some of the reading I've done seems to suggest that there is a per-product discount that can be entered but that it is hidden by default.  

Simply put, how in the world do you enter a discount in a quote?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Chuankai ZhouChuankai Zhou

Edit the milti-line page layout:

Opportunity Product Multi-Line Layout - Opportunity Product Layout

Perry StuppPerry Stupp
Hi Chuankai,

Thanks for your help.  Unfortunately the link you sent doesn't work - it gives some error about the url being too long and not knowing what Oid 00h0000006ols3 is.  If you're talking about the related list properties for Product in the opportunity page layout, the discount field is listed in the selected fields but it isn't visible when I'm in the form.  If it is, I believe this is a field level visibility issue (as I believe I read somewhere in the doc) but the discount field says it is visible to all users but "read-only".  The "read-only" field is locked down so I can't change it even if I want to.

Let me know if you can provide any further details.

Thanks / Regards,

Perry StuppPerry Stupp
Hi Chuankai,

I eventually realized you were talking about the Opportunity Product layout.  Once I added it the field level security changed and it was no longer read-only.

Thanks again for your help.


P.S.  I see that you're also in the Toronto area.  Do you do freelance SF work?  You never know when I might need some more help...
Chuankai ZhouChuankai Zhou
Edit the multi-line page layout:
setup-->customize-->opportunity-->opportunity product-->page layout --> Edit --> and you can see this on top:


You can add field there.
The "discount " field on quote page is a read only field and it shows the overall discount on all products added to the opportunity.

User-added image

Chuankai ZhouChuankai Zhou
Glad you figured it out... I was doing the screen shot ....

Yes I am in Toronto, feel free to add me on LinkedIn, or post any question here, I am sure you will get answers.
B. AdinarayanaB. Adinarayana
how to approval
Bridgette GaryBridgette Gary
Worked perfectly.  THanks so very much.