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Gregory Van KeirsbilckGregory Van Keirsbilck 

Restricting picklist values by country or language

 Is there any way to restrict the values in a picklist to the end user based on either the country he belongs to or the language he is working in?

Working on a global project, we need to be able to restrict the list of visible value in the picklist to the ones relevant to the end user. This should be done either based on the country this user belongs to, or based on the language he works in.
The preference being the first option.

Until now, I have not found a way of implementing this.
Using record types to restrict picklist values is not really an option as we have record types already driving many other features globally and want to avoid having to create a set of record types for every single country
Translation currently is not doing what it should do, as it shows translated values for the relevant language, but also untranslated values. And not each value is used and translated in each country.

Have I overlooked any functionality? Or is SFDC not supporting global environments?

Thanks for any help
Mark PassovoyMark Passovoy
You could use a validation rule based on the current users country or another value in the user profile and restrict which pick list values he/she can select. Unfortunately, this will not limit the values that they can see in the list, only prevent them from saving the record if they have an incorrect value selected.
Chuankai ZhouChuankai Zhou
validation rule was the first thing came to my mind, but I think OP wants to hide those picklist values from the user so not sure if this is ok. 
Gregory Van KeirsbilckGregory Van Keirsbilck
 Thanks guys, that was also my initial thinking. But I was hoping to find a cleaner solution to avoid users selecting the wrong values from the picklist
Geraldine O'ConnorGeraldine O'Connor
Gregory, the best way, IMO, to restrict picklist values is to use the business processes in salesforce.  We use different sales processes so that Sales, Partners and Ops only see the picklists relevant to them.