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Ryan GoodmanRyan Goodman 

Customer Portal domain

I would like to use a custom domain to point to our salesforce customer portal rather than   We had sub domain forwarding through go-daddy but that seemed to drop requests so we are looking for an alternative way to route customers through a more friendly URL to our customer portal which we brand as our support portal.

thanks in advance!
Marco (werewolf) CasalainaMarco (werewolf) Casalaina
Did you set up the CNAME properly as specified in the docs for custom domains?
Erica KuhlErica Kuhl
 @RGood - if werewolf's suggestion worked, come on back and let us know.  That way we can spread the love to the rest of the community in case someone else has a similar question.
John StellingJohn Stelling
werewolf - which doc are you referring to?  We are implementing Customer Portal and I would like to use a custom domain as well to mask the salesforce domain.
Ryan GoodmanRyan Goodman
 Sorry for the delayed response. I had forgotten I posted here. Do you have the link to the doc you are referring to? That would be great if this is supported.
Ryan GoodmanRyan Goodman
To follow up, I looked at the customer portal implementation guide and there is no definition for CNAME or custom domains in this particular guide. Any other ideas?

When I did a search on the SFDC developer site, this is the only post... Is this feature not heavily used or should I be using another technology to give my customers access to information? 

Currently the only way my customer portal works right now is to give them the long salesforce URL which is a headache.

Ryan GoodmanRyan Goodman
After doing some further research it seems the appropriate way to use a custom domain is through SFDC Sites. In other words the standard customer portal login page is useless unless you want limited control over the page design and a long URL.

This article provides all the info you would need to setup sites as an entry point to your customer portal unless I am missing something...

Let me know if these instructions works for you guys. It took me about 10 minutes to get everything setup, even with a custom URL: . The problem is when I try to login with one of our portal portal user credentials I get an error. 

"Your user profile is not associated with this service. Contact your site administrator for more information."

I know something is messed up because when I clicked "forgot password" and type in my email, I get the error: 

"Your username was not found". 

I am pretty sure I caught all of the gotchas as illustrated in the article, so I will keep you guys posted on my progress.
Fan YangFan Yang
You can create a site with your custom domain (CNAME) to replicate customer portal. Customer portal itself doesn't support custom domain.