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Zan ZaidiZan Zaidi 

dashboard running user -

I'm new to salesforce...and we're setting up our first app that’s going live in a few weeks. I've setup a dashboard on the homepage which includes a few reports ( the reports i created and saved in public folders…these reports are set to be viewed by all the users).
I'm having trouble with setting up the appropriate Running user for the dashboard.  I’m having hard time understanding this concept. 

If I setup a user with standard profile, then the reports can be viewed by all users (both standard/admin users). If I set up the running user as myself (I'm an admin) the report is only visible to me and other admins ( as expected).

My concern is that you have to select a user with standard profile (at least in my case) for this dashboard to be visible to all the users. What if this person leaves or we disable the account (in our setup, users will come and go).
For the time being, I've select a user with 'standard' profile as a 'running user'.  I know when I deactivate this user, everyone in the org will get an error message that 'the running user is inactive right and dashboard cannot be displayed (when they login)”.
How do I set up the running user? Instead of a user, can we select a profile as the running user? It seems to me right now that running user needs to be active at all time. Please advice!

Neal MengelNeal Mengel
Frustrating - don't know if this helps at all but I heard today at at User Group meeting that Spring 2010 coming in mid Feb allows the running user to be the person that is logged in at the time.
Arnt HaeringArnt Haering
I think there is an misunderstanding: The running user determines what data is included in the dashboard., regardless of who is looking at the dashboard.

That means if you are the running user (and an admin), the dashboard will display all data you can see, even if the user looking at the dashboard would usually not see all this data when using a report or the records directly.

Visibilty (i.e. who can see the dashboard) is defined at the folder containing the dashboard.

Arnt HaeringArnt Haering
btw if you want to deactivate a user who is a running user of a dashboard, you will be notified and receive an error message