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Tom PellegrinoTom Pellegrino 

Lead Assignment: Assign to one user, notify another user

(Note: We're using professional edition)

Currently, we've set up 4 rules to auto-assign leads to 4 salespeople based upon the State/Province a lead is coming in from.

However, we would also like to notify another user (the director of those 4 sales reps) via email of a new lead that comes in and/or a lead assignment.

Please advise on how we may be able to accomplish this.
Rhonda RossRhonda Ross
This could be done with a workflow rule, but that's not available with Professional Edition.  Would creating a lead report that you schedule to be sent daily to the director via email be sufficient?
Tom PellegrinoTom Pellegrino
That would work (a scheduled report) - Much appreciated.