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Jon BergerJon Berger 

can you run reports for notes & attachments?

Can you run reports against the Notes & Attachments object?
Sunil KeshariSunil Keshari
Reporting on Notes and Attachments are not possible.

Reshmi Goff (Sys. Admin)Reshmi Goff (Sys. Admin)

you cannot run a report in salesforce for notes and attachments, however, you can do an export from the data loader on either Attachment  or Note.

You will need to check the "Show All Salesforce Objects" checkbox to see the Attachment and Note objects.

You can them filter by Owner and a few other values.

Hope this helps!
Applications ITApplications IT
Can you please advise if it's possible to create such report on Opportunities & related attachments?
As I understand the current release had more to do with attachments used in Chatter.

Sridhar KoyyadaSridhar Koyyada

Hi Jon,

Please refer the below link, it will help your to find a resolution.

Ford BenFord Ben
You can use the following native app to report on attachments & mass-update / mass-delete the unnecessary/old records (to save space):
On The AppExchange: 
The provider:
Report on Attachments
P.s. I’m affiliated with this app

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