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Crystal SeifferlyCrystal Seifferly 

Custom object tab only visible to admin

I am trying to create an object "Vacation Requests," which is a child object to "Vacation Requesters."  The Vacation Requesters object and tab are not visible to the Acct Manager profile, but are visible to my System Admin profile.

I have created a tab for Vacation Requests. 
I have selected "Default On" for the Acct Manager Profile.
I have added the Vaction Requests tab to the Sales App, in which the Acct Manager Profile functions.
I have additionally set the Tab Visibility (or whatever it's called) within the Acct Manager Profile to "Default On".

I can see the tab under System Admin.  When I log in as any of the users in the Acct Manager profile, the tab isn't available. 

There are several fields within Vacation Requests that are read-only and the entire Vacation Requester object is not visible to the Acct Manager profile, because it has to be populated with HR data.  I thought maybe this could this be why it won't appear in the Acct Manger profile, but when I created a test object with corresponding tab, it only showed up in my profile and not the Acct Manager's, despite doing all of the aforementioned steps.  Also, when I set all of the fields in Vacation Requests to visible and editable, the tab was still MIA in the Acct Manager profile.

I am out of ideas as to what I'm doing wrong.  It's got to be something simple.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Peter AubreyPeter Aubrey
Have you "Deployed" your tab yet?

1. Goto Setup: Create: [Custom Object Name]: Edit
2. Scroll down until you see the section titled "Deployment Status".
3. Make sure this is set to Deployed.
Crystal SeifferlyCrystal Seifferly
Oh, yes.  I forgot to include that in the list.  Both objects are deployed.
Crystal SeifferlyCrystal Seifferly

Both objects have been deployed.
Peter AubreyPeter Aubrey
Couple of things.

1. Have you checked the CRUD permissions on the Profile? You can find this near the bottom of the Profile Page.
2. Have you looked in the "All Tabs" tab? Perhaps it's simply not been added to the App yet?
Crystal SeifferlyCrystal Seifferly
The CRUD permissions weren't set for the Acct Mgr profile.  I set them, but no dice.  The tab still isn't coming up.

They have been added to the app but they do not appear in the All Tabs tab. 
Peter AubreyPeter Aubrey
What type of relationship do you have between the to Vacation objects? Master-Detail or Standard Lookup?
Brad GrossBrad Gross
When you log in as a user and click on the plus at the top to add other tabs followed by "customize my tabs" are these tabs available to you? 

Crystal SeifferlyCrystal Seifferly
@ Peter_Aubre - The relationship between the Vacation objects is a Standard Lookup.
@ ImpStout - nope, the tabs aren't visible under All Tabs.
Crystal SeifferlyCrystal Seifferly
I have identified what I was doing wrong. The user I was logging in under was not in the Acct Mgr Profile. It's working now. It was the CRUD settings that was keeping it from coming up in the tabs. Thanks so much! :-)