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Lynn Magers-PardoLynn Magers-Pardo 

Dataloader Error-Maximum number of duplicate updates in one batch (12 allowed).


Whilst using Dataloader, I received this error message for 24 of 224 records- after a mass leads update of custom and standard fields.  (All the fields mapped fine.)

But when I checked the referenced 24 lead records, to see what this error message meant, the leads had been updated correctly.

What does it mean?

Thanks, in advance, for enlightening me.

Lynn :^)
Syed Y. TalhaSyed Y. Talha
lets say you have duplicate leads...salesforce updates it but if it found that same record is duplicated more than 12 then it stops checking it.

This is to ensure performance and data quality.
Lynn Magers-PardoLynn Magers-Pardo
Hi Samir,

Thank you. Are you suggesting that there could be 12 duplicates of each of those leads?
And/or did you mean that Dataloader keeps trying to update a duplicate record 12 times?

Since I used record ID's, I am surprised that there would be duplicates. Am I mistaken to think that a record ID is unique?

Thank you so much for your time in responding. I truly appreciate it.

Lynn :^)