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pooja bishtpooja bisht 

what is the difference between customer and partner portal

Tom FoxTom Fox
There is not a datasheet available, so you are stuck hearing from my memory which is as reliable an iPhone alarm on New Year's Day.  

Both systems are optimized for the audience that they serve, coming with 'canned' access to various standard objects in SF.  For instance, Customer Portal does not provide the Customer Logging in with the ability to view Opportunities.  Alternatively, Partner Portal licenses allow those users to do things like view Leads (which a customer would not need to do since Customers ARE leads).

The most clear difference is that Partner Portal licenses cost more than Customer Portal licenses (since partners would, presumably, be more intensive users than Customers).

A brief overview of Partner Portal...

also, some info on Customer Portal

You can find the above information by searching the Salesforce Help documentation.
Matt BrownMatt Brown
Customer Portal is for the support of your customers (includes Cases etc but not Opportunities) and Partner Portal is for your Partners so that you can effectively manage your channels sales (contains Opportunities and only top Partner licence has Cases).
Sudhakar Reddy KurakulaSudhakar Reddy Kurakula

 Customer portal mainly for company customers where as partner portal for channels peopel that means sales people etc
Thayaparan SaranganThayaparan Sarangan
Can we get the cases only related to one object value in Partner Portal?