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Nancy JamesNancy James 

Unable to Delete Record Type

I am attempting to delete a Record Type that was created on the Opportunity object.

I've been able to remove it from most Profiles and flip the default record type to Master, but I'm not able to see the Record Type section for several Profiles.  Without that visibility, I'm unable to delete the Record Type.

It could be that the Profiles were created through an App Exchange app - still, I'm not able to see where I'd remove the Record Type from the profile.

Any help is appreciate - thanks!
Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
So when you go look at one of these profiles in question, the entire Record Type Settings area (beneath Tab Settings and above Administrative Permissions) isn't there at all? Make sure you're just viewing the Profile pages, not looking at them in Edit mode. The Record Type Settings section doesn't show up in Edit mode.
Nancy JamesNancy James
Thank you for following up Matthew.  

The Record Type section is there...however the Record Type section does not include OOB objects, such as Leads, Opportunities, etc.  

I'm afraid that is a  different matter than what I originally said.  Thanks for bearing with me on this.

Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Hrm, interesting. You're on Enterprise (per your profile), right? My screen shows a subsection of Standard Record Type Settings, and then one for Custom Record Type Settings, all under the Record Type Settings header.

If you could take a screenshot of what you see and post that, it would be helpful.
Nancy JamesNancy James

Record Type section of Content User ProfileAttaching screenshot.  This is for a Profile from which I'm unable to edit the Record Type.  I'm in the Sys Admin profile and yep, we're using Enterprise edition.

Nancy JamesNancy James
In the screenshot above, I would have expected to see the Opportunity, Account, Lead, Contact default record type options.
Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Ah, from the tab name in your browser, you're looking at a Content Only user, which won't have access to the Leads/Contact/Opportunities objects. That's why you're not seeing them.

Let's do this, rather than look through all your Profiles, try and delete the Record Type again, and it should give you a list of reasons it can't delete it, along with specific areas to look into. Maybe even links to those areas. Can you post a screenshot of the reasons it says why it can't delete the RT? 
Nancy JamesNancy James

Hmm. That takes me full circle. 

Initially, I tried to delete the record types directly from the record type and not the profile.  The two record types I'd like to remove provide a list of profiles that are using those record types as defaults, and therefore the record types cannot be deleted.

From there, I can click on the links for those profiles that are preventing the record type from being deleted.  That takes us back to where we started - the record type does not appear on the profile page.  The profile types that do not provide the option to edit the record types are Chatter-related profiles, Knowledge User and Content User.  You cannot remove the profiles from the record type itself.

Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Catch 22! You win 5 extra points.

Is this the only Record Type you have on Opportunities, or are there others as well?
Nancy JamesNancy James

Ha - it is the perfect definition of a Catch 22.  This is the only Record Type on Opportunities. 

Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Eureka! Give this thread a read:

There is a workaround to deleting the last record type remaining on an object, and it involves a little URL hacking. Report back if you have any problems getting that solved.
Nancy JamesNancy James
Will do - thanks!
Kevin ChilesKevin Chiles
This hack worked great for us as well!  Great post!
Roger WickiRoger Wicki
I haven't even recognized the "- -Master- -" in the record type list is selectable... If I had noticed, I would probably have found out by myself. Thanks for the help.