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Robert ParraRobert Parra 


I'm in the process of uploading some new contact and I already have all what I think is needed to to the upload. I'm doing this process using informaticaondemand but I get an error:
"Error loading into target [Contact] : Error received from  Fields [].  Status code [INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_ON_CROSS_REFERENCE_ENTITY].  Message [insufficient access rights on cross-reference id]."

I have done this process before, but this is the first time I get the error...
What Can I do? 
what is that?
Thanks for your time... and help..
Marco (werewolf) CasalainaMarco (werewolf) Casalaina
Could it be that perhaps you're trying to set the OwnerId of Contact from a user who does not have perms to modify that field?  Unfortunately errors like this can be rather nonspecific and it often comes down to trial and error to fix it.