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Steve MillerSteve Miller 

Maximum view state size limit (135kb) exceeded HELP

 Hi all

i keep getting this message has anyone got any ideas how i can view the page just getting so fustrating

Jayant JoshiJayant Joshi
Few points about view state here:

- The view state of a web page is composed of all the data that's necessary to maintain the state of the controller during server requests (like sending or receiving data). Since the view state contributes to the overall size of your page, performance of a page can depend on efficiently managing the view state.

- Salesforce allows Visualforce pages to have a maximum view state size of 135KB. The View State tab shows you which elements on your page are taking up that space. A smaller view state size generally means quicker load times.

- To minimize your pages' view state, you can optimize your Apex controller code and remove any superfluous Visualforce components used.

For example:
• If you notice that a large percentage of your view state comes from objects used in controllers or controller extensions, consider refining your SOQL calls to return only data that's relevant to the Visualforce page.
• If your view state is affected by a large component tree, try reducing the number of components your page depends on.

- Another important point here is the use of Transient keyword. The Transient variable can not be saved, and shouldn't be transmitted as part of the view state for visual force page. 
Joey ChanJoey Chan
Please see the following links on how to optimize your VF page:
hoa luyenhoa luyen
I have a issue with View state on Salesforce, need to help: Salesforce has maximum view state size limit (135KB) exceeded. My website get view state is greater than limited of Salesforce. I am searched on google and getting some solutions but not improve much :(, anyone to help me?, thank you so much!
Arun SinghArun Singh
We also faceing same issue ..Internal taking almost 98% of total view state .

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