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SalesForce Custom HTML Templates to render the same across ALL/most Mail Clients

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I have searched and searched and searched for a resolution to this issue to no evail.

As a company we want our first, "Initial Contact" Template (Auto-Response Template for a "Web-To-Lead"), to look as it does above (SalesForce HTML Preview). With nice images and sharp looking HTML. The HTML renders properly in the HTML preview within SalesForce, but not in ANY email client that I have found. I know someone else has to have run into this issue before, but I haven't been able to find another example. Is it even possible to make a Custom HTML Template look the same across ALL/MOST email clients?

Any help would be appreciated!!


Peter AubreyPeter Aubrey
Hi Jake,

This isn't a Salesforce problem but an email client rendering issue. Its the same as how a web page viewed using IE and say Firefox can look completely different and its all down to how the various web browser, email client, etc. vendors adhere to the HTML, CSS, etc. standards. Lotus Notes seems to be a particular bug bear for developers, and of course your recipient's email client is something you have no control over.

Take a look at the following links for inspiration / consideration / consternation!
Peter AubreyPeter Aubrey
BTW, iPhones render the emails wonderfully, I checked with a client of mine just the other day!
Jacob FarquharsonJacob Farquharson
Thanks for the quick response! But, what I don't understand is, the email service we use (MailChimp) can send the SAME HTML template to thousands of email addresses with SEVERAL different email clients with NO PROBLEM. It seems as if there is something happening to the HTML before it gets sent. Any thoughts?
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I understand that it is most likely a "Client" issue. But, what I don't understand is, when we send the SAME email template from MAILCHIMP(That send's it to thousands of emails and MULTIPLE clients), it doesn't have any issue with rendering.