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Jenna LangJenna Lang is running really REALLY slow, how do i fix that?

I'm accessing salesforce from and it is incredibly slow. I'm talking like a 5 -8 second delay to even scroll up the page. Any solutions on how to make it run faster?

Steve MolisSteve Molis
Is it just you or all users on your SFDC Org? 
I would check your browser settings ->  

also check your User Interface settings ->

 To change your organization's user interface settings:
  1. Click Your Name | Setup | Customize | User Interface.
  2. Select or deselect each checkbox to modify the user interface settings for your organization.
  3. Click Save.

User Interface Settings

Enable Collapsible Sections
Collapsible sections give users the option to collapse or expand sections on their record detail pages using the arrow icon next to the section heading. When enabling collapsible sections, make sure your section headings are displayed for each page layout. Sections remain expanded or collapsed until the user changes his or her settings for that tab. If your organization has enabled record types, Salesforce remembers a different setting for each record type.Note
Call center users won't see incoming calls if they collapse the sidebar.
Show Quick Create
The Quick Create area on a tab home page allows users to create a new record quickly with minimal information. It displays, by default, on the tab home pages for leads, accounts, contacts, forecasts, and opportunities. You can control whether the Quick Create area is displayed on all relevant tab home pages. Note
The Show Quick Create setting also affects whether or not users can create new records from within the lookup dialog. For example, with the setting enabled, users can create a new account within the account lookup dialog while creating or editing a contact. Creating new records in the lookup dialog is available only if Quick Create is available for your chosen record type. In addition, users always need the appropriate “Create” permission to use Quick Create even though it will be displayed for all users.
Enable Hover Details
Hover details display an interactive overlay containing detailed information about a record when users hover the mouse over a link to that record in the Recent Items list on the sidebar or in a lookup field on a record detail page. Users can quickly view information about a record before clicking View for the record's detail page or Edit for the edit page. The fields displayed in the hover details are determined by the record's mini page layout. The fields that display in document hover details are not customizable. This option is enabled by default.Note
To view the hover details for a record, users must have the appropriate sharing access to that record, as well as the necessary field-level security for the fields in the mini page layout.
Enable Related List Hover Links
Related list hover links display at the top of record detail pages and custom object detail pages in Setup. Users can hover the mouse over a related list hover link to display the corresponding related list and its number of records in an interactive overlay that allows users to quickly view and manage the related list items. Users can also click a related list hover link to jump down to the content of the related list without having to scroll down the page. The Enable Related List Hover Links checkbox is the default selection.
Enable Separate Loading of Related Lists
Select this option to enable the separate loading of record detail pages: primary record details load first, followed by related list data. When you enable this option, users see primary record details immediately; as related list data loads, users see a progress indicator. Separate loading can improve performance on record detail pages for organizations with large numbers of related lists. This option is disabled by default. Note that this option does not apply to Visualforce pages, user pages, the self-service portal, or other pages for which you cannot control the layout.
Enable Inline Editing
Inline editing allows users to quickly change field values on a record's detail page, saving the user from having to access the record's edit page first. This option is enabled by default and applies to all users in your organization.Note
This doesn't enable inline editing for profiles. Select Enable Enhanced Profile List Views under Setup..
Enable Enhanced Lists
Enhanced lists give you the ability to quickly view, customize, and edit list data to speed up your daily productivity. When enabled with the Enable Inline Editing setting, users can also edit records directly from the list, without navigating away from the page. This option is enabled by default.Note
This doesn't enable enhanced lists for profiles. Select Enable Enhanced Profile List Views under Setup.
Enable New User Interface Theme
Starting with Summer '10, new organizations have the new user interface theme enabled by default.

The new user interface theme updates the look and feel of Salesforce and moves user links, such as Setup and Logout, under the user name for all users in your organization. The new user interface theme is not supported in Portals, Console tab, or Help & Training.

Only users with supported browsers see the new user interface theme.

Enable Printable List Views
Printable list views allow users to easily print list views. If enabled, users can click the Printable View link from any list view to open a new browser window, displaying the current list view in a simple, print-ready format. The link is located next to the Help for this Page link in the colored title bar of the page.
Enable Spell Checker
Available in all Editions. If this option is selected, the Check Spelling button appears in certain areas of the application where text is entered, such as sending an email, or when creating events, tasks, cases, notes, and solutions. Clicking the button checks the spelling of your text. Spell Checker does not support all the languages that Salesforce supports. For example, Thai, Russian, and double-byte languages, such as Japanese, Korean, or Chinese, are not supported.
Enable Spell Checker on Tasks and Events
Available in all Editions. Select this checkbox to enable the Check Spelling button when users create or edit tasks or events. The spell checker analyzes the Description field on events and the Comments field on tasks.

Sidebar Settings

Enable Collapsible Sidebar
The collapsible sidebar gives users the ability to show or hide the sidebar on every Salesforce page that normally includes the sidebar. When you select the Enable Collapsible Sidebar setting, the collapsible sidebar becomes available to all users in your organization, but each user can choose his or her own preference for displaying the sidebar. Users can leave the sidebar visible at all times, or they can collapse the sidebar and only show it when needed by clicking the edge of the collapsed sidebar. For more information on using the collapsible sidebar, see About the Sidebar.Tip
If your organization uses divisions, we recommend that you keep the sidebar pinned and visible at all times so you always have access to the Divisions drop-down list.
Show Custom Sidebar Components on All Pages
If you have custom home page layouts that include components in the sidebar, this option makes the sidebar components available on all pages in Salesforce for all users in your organization. If you only want certain profiles to view sidebar components on all pages, you can assign those profiles the “Show Custom Sidebar On All Pages” permission.Note
If the Show Custom Sidebar Components on All Pages user interface setting is selected, the “Show Customer Sidebar On All Pages” permission is not available.

Calendar Settings

Enable Home Page Hover Links for Events
Select this checkbox to enable hover links in the calendar section of the Home tab. On the Home tab, users can hover the mouse over the subject of an event to see the details of the event in an interactive overlay. This option is enabled by default. Note that this checkbox only controls the Home tab; hover links are always available on other calendar views.

The fields available in the event detail and edit overlays are defined in a mini page layout.

If you create all day events, Salesforce recommends adding the All Day Event field to the events mini page layout.
Enable Drag-and-Drop Editing on Calendar Views
Select this checkbox to enable the dragging of events on single user daily and weekly calendar views. This allows users to reschedule events without leaving the page. This option is enabled by default. Note the following:
  • Calendar views might load less quickly when this checkbox is enabled.
  • Drag-and-drop editing is not available for calendar views in the Console tab.
  • Drag-and-drop editing is not available for multiday events.
Enable Click-and-Create Events on Calendar Views
Select this checkbox to enable users to create events on day and weekly calendar views by double-clicking a specific time slot and entering the details of the event in an interactive overlay. The fields available in the event detail and edit overlays are defined in a mini page layout.
Note that recurring events and multi-person events are not supported for click-and-create events on calendar views.
Enable Drag-and-Drop Scheduling on List Views
Select this checkbox to enable users to create events associated with records by dragging records from list views on to weekly calendar views and entering the details of the event in an interactive overlay. This option is disabled by default. The fields available in the event detail and edit overlays are defined in a mini page layout.
Enable Hover Links for My Tasks List
Select this checkbox to enable hover links for tasks in the My Tasks section of the Home tab and on the calendar day view. This option is enabled by default. Users can hover the mouse over the subject of a task to see the details of that task in an interactive overlay.

The information presented on these overlays is configured by your administrator.

Setup Settings

Enable Enhanced Page Layout Editor
Select this checkbox to activate the enhanced page layout editor for your organization. When enabled, the enhanced page layout editor replaces the current interface for editing page layouts with a feature-rich WYSIWYG editor that contains all of the functionality of the original page layout editor as well as several improvements.
Enable Enhanced Profile List Views
Select this checkbox to activate enhanced list views and inline editing on the profiles list page. When this setting is enabled, you can manage multiple profiles at once.

Advanced Settings

Activate Extended Mail Merge
Select this checkbox to activate Extended Mail Merge for your organization. When selected, the Mass Mail Merge link is available in the Tools area on the home pages for accounts, contacts, and leads. Also, single mail merges requested from the Activity History related list on a record are performed using Extended Mail Merge functionality. For more information on using Salesforce to generate personalized form letters and other documents based on templates, see Mail Merge Overview.

Extended Mail Merge is available by request only. Contact Customer Support if you are interested in this feature.

Always save Extended Mail Merge documents to the Documents tab
When this checkbox is selected, all mail merge documents generated using Extended Mail Merge are added to the user's personal documents folder on the Documents tab, rather than delivered as email attachments. Users are sent confirmation emails when their mail merge requests have completed. Those emails include links for retrieving generated documents from the Documents tab. Note that these documents count against your organization's storage limits.
Jenna LangJenna Lang
Only slow for me. But everyone else uses outlook for salesforce, so they don't really access Salesforce through the site.

Side question.... Do you get paid to answer my questions? Cause you always seem to asnwer them. :)
Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
We pay @SteveMo in beer. Lots of beer.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
 If it's just you I'd check your Browser and UI settings, and the SFDC system status

What kind of a computer are you using? (CPU, OS, RAM, Etc.) it might be time for an upgrade.

Brad GrossBrad Gross
 With that said - my sfdc deployments on na1 have been running slower then normal...

Roslyn McGintyRoslyn McGinty
my users are saying SF has been running slowly of late.

Not sure what to tell them.  Trying to gain as much info as possible from them about what they are doing, is it intermittent, does it only happen at a particular time of day, etc.  

Have everything in the UI turned off that they do not use.

Most are using Chrome or Firefox latest versions.

All advice appreciated.

*hands @SteveMo a few beers*

Steve MolisSteve Molis
Cheers @Ros  ;-D  

I haven't noticed anything on NA2 or NA3, is it all users on your SFDC Org?
Roslyn McGintyRoslyn McGinty
yes it is.  I just raised a Case with Salesforce about it, and send a traceroute report through.

Roslyn McGintyRoslyn McGinty
seems to have resolved itself!

Yay. I love it when that happens.

Laura BellLaura Bell
@SteveMo  Impressive beer selections.  Looks like you wish you lived in North County, San Diego.  This is where I will be next Sat.   

Now to my real question.  Any new tips/tricks to make IE 8 perform faster? The 'You should use Chrome" answer doesn't work for the bigger/older companies that live and breathe Microsoft.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
IE 8.x....  ouch!  
I don't have any IE 8.x tricks other than "avoid using IE 8.x"  I'm pretty much a GC and FF guy, and even then I'm not a nuts&bolts browser geek, so I don't know all the ins and outs of the different settings.  The only thing I can suggest is checking the broswer settings =>

Thomas LejollyThomas Lejolly

We had the same problem in my company.

I realized that Salesforce was really slow, and basically frooze my browser for a few second every time the chat object was reloading.

I turn off this feature in the customize setup option and now it works just fine.
Chatter itself is a great tool and already allows you to chat with other users, but this new option was too "facebooky" in my opinion, plus Salesforce is much faster right now.

I hope this helps.


Tampa DougTampa Doug
It's because Salesforce is slow for a lot of companies. We've had the same problem for since they changed Our instance to a new one without warning. support blames my browser or 75mbps connection every time. So we found a solution. Leave Salesforce.   It was a pain but we got our data out and end if next month we are done and turns out about to save boats of money.  For the premium cost I expected more from Salesforce but we got less. 
Diyan IlievDiyan Iliev
Our instance is also slow because it is hosted in Ireland but most of our users are in China.
Does anyone know if we can move our SF instance from Ireland to Japan/Singapore so that the users in China have better connection speed?
Would SF do this?