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Scott HollrahScott Hollrah 

delete a site

I installed SurveyForce from labs.  After playing with it I have found something much better and want to delete the app because the other app has similar names/fields which gets confusing when building reports. 

When I try to uninstall the app I get a message saying that I can't uninstall becuase of a Site related to the app which was created during the setup process.  

How can I delete the site without impacting other sites that are active and in use?  If I can't delete the site is there a workaround for me to uninstall the app? 
Charan VuyyuruCharan Vuyyuru
May be you are using some components of that package in that site.

It may be affecting you from uninstalling the app.

Check the site linekd up with Survey force remove all the VF pages linekd up with Site related to Survey force.

Then try uninstalling the app.