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Martijn ReekmansMartijn Reekmans 

Notes & attachments transfer

Is it possible to transfer notes & attachments (related to accounts & opportunities) from one org to another?

If yes, what is the easiest way to do this?


Thanks in advance!

Tal FrankfurtTal Frankfurt
 You can do it with the data loader.
Martijn ReekmansMartijn Reekmans
And how exactly if I may ask?

I suppose you mean the Apex Data Loader. Can attachments be exported in some way, because I don't see how I can transfer a pdf file from one org to another? 
Tal FrankfurtTal Frankfurt
Martijn ReekmansMartijn Reekmans
Thanks for the link!

If I may ask one more question:
To transfer attachments from one org to another, I have to have the attachments physically on my computer, right?
I did a data export of the old org, and now have the csv file with all the attachments. But with only this file I can not do an import in the new org I'm afraid..